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"Ale" you ready for an in-depth exploration of the economic and environmental economics of beer? In this exclusive webinar, we will look into the beer brewing process, delve into the costs and carbon emissions associated with each step - and a live calculation in the Tset software!

Note: The webinar is held in English

About this webinar

Join us for an in-depth exploration of the economic and environmental impact of beer production, led by Julian Handl, a senior frontend developer and homebrew enthusiast. This engaging webinar will walk you through the intricate brewing process, from grain selection to final packaging, offering a comprehensive understanding of each step. Beyond the basics, we'll delve into the detailed costs and carbon emissions associated with beer production, providing valuable insights into the financial and environmental landscape of your favorite beverage.

Our interactive session will feature a live calculation to demonstrate how various economic factors and carbon footprints influence the final product. We'll explore the price breakdown beyond the label and discuss how the Tset software can optimize these calculations across different countries, catering to specific needs. Whether you're a beer enthusiast or interested in sustainable practices, this webinar will offer a unique perspective on the true cost of a pint.

What you will learn

  • How brewing beer works on a high level: This session delves into the intriguing science and meticulous procedures behind brewing your favorite beer. We walk you through each stage, from selecting the perfect grains to the final bottling or canning process.
  • Deep dive into calculations: The price of a beer goes beyond the label. We'll explore the detailed cost breakdown associated with each step of brewing, examining the economic factors that influence your final purchase. This analysis will provide valuable insights into the financial landscape of beer production.
  • Build the calculation based on the process: Explore how Tset goes beyond basic cost estimation and discover its ability to optimize calculations through simulations across different countries and fine-tune adjustments to meet specific needs effectively.

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