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How is AGCO driving efficiency and innovation through cloud based cost engineering? Watch this webinar now and get insights into how SaaS and open API solutions can revolutionize your cost engineering practices and drive data-driven decision-making.

Note: Webinar is held in English

About this webinar

Dive into AGCO's (a global leader in agricultural solutions) SaaS success story, witnessing firsthand how it significantly lowers total cost of ownership. Explore real-world examples of efficiency gains, cost savings, and enhanced performance.

Plus, discover how Tset's open-API economy fosters effortless collaboration and connectivity for seamless system integration. Get actionable insights from our experts and learn more about strategies to elevate your technology landscape.

What you will learn

  • Benefits of central data lake house system: Explore the power of centralized data lake analytics engine to enable streamlined data management and analysis for informed decision-making.
  • Mastering holistic decision-making: How you can ensure holistic business decisions that take into account engineering, purchasing, quality, and manufacturing aspects?
  • Cloud-powered cost efficiency: Understanding the significance of cloud-based software in cost engineering and explore the advantages of using SaaS and open-API for cost optimization.
  • Integration of the software tool: Discussing the seamless integration of Tset and the associated partnership benefits of the innovative cost and carbon tool

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