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How could the use of automation software change your costing strategy? Get ready for an engaging session with our industry expert, featuring a live demo, where together, we will get insights into the transformative potential of automation in cost engineering.

Note: Webinar is held in English

About this webinar

Learn the secrets to enhancing efficiency in cost engineering through automated cost calculations in our latest webinar. Delve into the power of automation with insights from industry experts, exploring its application across various technology models such as forging, die casting, stamping parts, and cold extrusion.

Gain a sneak peek into Tset Software's capabilities, including detailed bottom-up calculations, and discover how it optimizes flexibility through simulations across different countries. Don't miss out on this opportunity to level up your cost engineering game and revolutionize your costing strategy with the transformative potential of automation.

What you will learn

  • Sneak-Peek into Tset Software: Provide a glimpse into Tset's software, specifically focusing on the intricacies of bottom-up calculations. Showcase how the software operates in detail to provide accurate and reliable results.
  • Deep dive into calculations: Take a closer look at how Tset calculates costs. Understand what goes into the calculations and how we ensure they're accurate and reliable. We will explore the different parts of the calculation and which inputs are automated for efficiency.
  • Potential of optimizing calculations: Explore how Tset goes beyond basic cost estimation. Discover its ability to optimize calculations through simulations across different countries and fine-tune adjustments to meet specific needs effectively.

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