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Facing the challenge of balancing cost efficiency and environmental sustainability in your metal stamping business? Watch this webinar now and get insights into cost estimating and sustainability for metal stampings. 

About this webinar

In today's competitive and environmentally conscious manufacturing landscape, achieving cost efficiency and reducing carbon emissions have become essential for metal stamping companies. This webinar will explore the complex relationship between these two critical issues and how Tset and Hexagon, two market leading software solutions, can enable metal stamping companies to achieve both cost optimization and CO2 reduction goals.

Our experts will show you the benefits of the partnership for both Hexagon and Tset customers, and how their combined expertise can deliver a comprehensive costing solution for metal stamping operations. Explore the nuances of raw material costs, tooling costs and other considerations that impact overall project spend. In addition, this webinar will be presenting Tset's innovative approach to calculating the carbon footprint of metal stamping projects, enabling you to make informed decisions that are in line with your sustainability goals.

What you will learn

  • Cost efficiency in metal stamping: Learn how Tset and Hexagon are collaborating to provide a proven costing solution and support you to achieve both cost optimization and CO2 reduction goals
  • Rethinking metal stamping cost management: Target the key cost drivers that influence tooling expenses in metal stamping projects to secure better pricing with effective negotiation strategies 
  • CO2 tracking in metal stamping: Gain insights into Tset's methodology for calculating the carbon footprint of metal stamping projects to make informed decisions that drive sustainability and cost savings
  • Benefits of the partnership between Tset and Hexagon: How does the product integration of Hexagon and Tset looks like, and which advantages do the customers have?

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