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Does the lack of know-how and resources hold you back from building a strong cost engineering department? Many companies lack a robust cost engineering department, leading to inefficiency, wasted resources, and missed deadlines. Watch our webinar to find solutions for these problems.

About this webinar

Many companies struggle with inefficiency, wasted resources, and missed deadlines due to the absence of a dedicated cost engineering team. In this webinar industry experts Dr. Claus Eppler, CTO of Chiron and Pero Skojo, Principal Cost Engineer at Tset will explore the power of collaborative cost engineering and provide insights on setting it up effectively. Additionally, discover how Tset's software can enhance transparency and actionability in both costs and carbon emissions.

This webinar will give you insightful input regarding how to concur challenges such as increasing project budgets without an established cost management strategy, concerns about carbon emissions without the necessary tools and expertise, as well as uncertainty in navigating the challenges of fostering a collaborative and sustainable team. If these problems have resonated with you, this webinar is your solution.

What you will learn

  • Chiron's success story: Creating an exceptional cost and sustainability team on a practical budget
  • From strategic planning to implementation and execution: Building up a high-performing cost engineering department within constraints
  • The interlocking of cost engineering: How to achieve cost-effective and sustainable success with the power of collaboration 
  • Practical solution with Tset software: Insights for transparent and actionable cost and carbon emission management.

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