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Facing cost optimization challenges? Learn about the latest trends and how your company can thrive. Watch this webinar now and get insights into the advantages of automated cost engineering.

Note: Webinar is held in German

About this webinar

Although design-to-cost, should costing, target costing and quoting are nothing new, we see that many companies face major challenges when it comes to implementing these processes throughout the organization. In our webinar, we will get to the bottom of the causes while highlighting the latest trends and solutions.

Gain profound insights into the challenges and solutions surrounding the implementation of processes. Discover how different use cases are reshaping the landscape and hear firsthand from our KTM guest speaker about their experiences and insights. Furthermore find out how the Tset Software helps KTM to reduce costs and CO2 emissions.

What you will learn

  • The significance of Cost Engineering across the manufacturing supply chain: Gain insights into how cost engineering impacts every facet of the manufacturing industry's value chain.
  • Traditional Cost Management vs. modern Cost Engineering: Trace the development of cost engineering over the years and compare it to traditional cost management practices.
  • Challenges in conventional Cost Management: Identify the hurdles faced in traditional cost management approaches and explore ways to overcome them.
  • Trends and solutions (with Tset): Learn about cutting-edge trends, including the utilization of data analytics and AI algorithms for cost analysis, and discover how sustainability factors are integrated into cost evaluation through Tset.

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