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Cooperation between Brose and Tset

This is why large manufacturing companies invest in start-ups

Tradition meets innovation: big players in the manufacturing industry team up with start-ups can produce disruptive developments. What drives large manufacturing companies to invest in young technology providers?


Corporations and leading medium-sized companies are increasingly reinforcing themselves through start-ups - be it in the context of a corporate investment or joint projects. Start-ups serve them as an additional brick for innovation. They bring a breath of fresh air to traditional, often family-owned companies. On the other hand, the founders benefit from the reputation and the big names of their partners, which stand for quality and reliability. In addition, the start-ups get the opportunity to test their products intensively in practice before the big roll-out and receive a lot of feedback from future users.

"We invest in start-ups to support innovations that add value to Brose and our customers. Without ignoring the positive financial return, our focus is on concepts and technologies that are advanced and help us shape the transformation of the automotive industry." - Kai Engelhardt, Managing Director of Brose Ventures

Case Brose Ventures

The automotive supplier Brose from Coburg is a major player in the German vehicle manufacturing. With Berlin-based Brose Ventures GmbH, the long-established family-owned company has created an interface to the start-up scene. The venture capital unit looks for young technology companies with strong concepts that contribute to Brose's innovative strength. The focus is on solutions that make the family-owned company's products more intelligent and offer its customers added value - for example, by means of sensor technology, software or new materials.

Tset offers a product that stands out from the competition. Andreas Tsetinis and his team are ahead of everyone else when it comes to product cost and CO2 analysis. We have someone here who wants to make a difference and owns the experience, technology and know-how to do so.
Kai Engelhardt
Managing Director of Brose Ventures 

In Tset, Brose found a suitable, process-oriented partner to support the traditional company in accelerating and optimising its innovation processes. In a pilot project, Tset's software and expertise convinced Brose to invest in the scale-up. In particular, the fact that Tset's software enables a very detailed assessment of the CO2 footprint as a promising technology contributed to this decision.

„To us, the expertise of our investors is at least as valuable as the invested ammount of money. That's why we deliberately chose partners like Brose Ventures, who have many years of experience and a large network in the manufacturing industry.“ - Andreas Tsetinis

Conclusion: a win-win situation for all parties involved

In addition to their capital, large manufacturing companies bring an extensive network and a good reputation to the partnership with start-ups. In return, the start-ups strengthen the innovative power of their cooperation partners and help them to remain technologically competitive in the long term. The cooperation between Tset and Brose shows that both sides can benefit enormously from each other.


Andreas Tsetinis
CEO & Founder