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Software specialists Tset and Hexagon launch cooperation

Simulating sheet metal processing, costs and CO2 emissions all in one

Hexagon’s FormingSuite technology is now integrated into the Tset software. Customers of both companies can now simulate the sheet metal forming process as well as the associated costs and CO2 emissions in one system.

Tset is the technology leader for software-based product cost and CO2 analyses in the manufacturing industry. With FTI FormingSuite, Hexagon delivers the leading software solution for blank size development, nesting and method planning specifically tailored to sheet metal stampings. The combination of these two cutting-edge systems presents a time-saving tool for streamlining the development and production of sheet metal components. 

A seamless integration of FTI FormingSuite’s unique method planning capabilities into Tset’s cost & carbon management platform facilitates the creation of a virtual supply chain, enabling precise calculation of costs and CO2 emissions, while providing an invaluable resource for optimizing the overall efficiency and sustainability of sheet metal manufacturing processes.

This innovative solution simplifies this important task for customers, especially those within the automotive and heavy machinery industries. "Based on a 3D file or shape, users can quickly calculate the costs and CO2 emissions for progressive and transfer components. This is a complete bottom-up simulation that can be flexibly customised to specific supplier scenarios," explains Thomas Muskalla, Chief Product Officer at Tset. "Our collaboration with Tset provides clients with the opportunity to combine our expertise in sheet metal stamping with Tset’s comprehensive solution for planning all aspects of manufacturing and sustainability", adds Jessica Zheng, Senior Director of Virtual Manufacturing & Costing at Hexagon.


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