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Facing the challenge of balancing cost efficiency and environmental sustainability in your metal stamping business? See how Hexagon and Tset can help you optimize your production processes, ensuring that resources are utilized effectively and costs are controlled.

Live Webinar Hexagon x Tset, cost efficiency and CO2

Key discussion points:

Cost efficiency in metal stamping

Learn how Tset and Hexagon are collaborating to provide a proven costing solution and support you to achieve both cost optimization and CO₂ reduction goals.

Identifying the cost drivers

Target the key cost drivers that influence tooling expenses in metal stamping projects to secure better pricing with effective negotiation strategies. 

CO₂ tracking in metal stamping

Gain insights into Tset's methodology for calculating the carbon footprint of metal stamping projects to make informed decisions that drive sustainability and cost savings.

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Learn our 45 min webinar how efficiency, sustainability and a fruitful partnership can be achieved in the metal stamping industry. Be ready for a live Q&A at the end.