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New whitepaper from Tset on cost management

The future of cost engineering in the manufacturing industry

New customer needs, legal regulations and rising energy prices pose major challenges for the manufacturing industry. To remain competitive and fit for the future, companies must rethink the issues of product costs and CO₂ emissions. In the new whitepaper "Cloud, CO₂ and Collaboration: The Future of Cost Engineering", Tset, as an expert in automated product cost and CO₂ analysis, shows how modern digital solutions can help.

Vienna, Austria.

Addressing all those involved in the development and cost planning of new products in manufacturing companies, the whitepaper explains current challenges and trends in cost engineering. It highlights the increasing importance of sustainability factors within production and procurement processes, such as the EU's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). The whitepaper shows how crucial a well-planned cost and CO₂ management is in the early phase of product development and how bottom-up calculations over the entire supply chain deliver results with high accuracy.

At the same time, the whitepaper highlights the requirements that a contemporary and future-proof cost management system must fulfil and how standardised digital solutions with modern algorithms and efficient data management can help. Aspects such as automation, artificial intelligence and cloud are taken into account as well as the possibility of a collaborative working environment that simplifies cross-functional coordination between the individual departments.

The whitepaper can be downloaded here.