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Product cost and CO2 analysis software

Tset wins BMW Group as a customer

The software provider Tset has now added the BMW Group to its customer base. The scale-up has developed a software for holistic cost management in the manufacturing industry. The solution simulates the expected costs and CO2 emissions for components, and thus enables more efficient and sustainable product development.

Based on pertinent data from reliable sources, the Tset software determines the actual costs and CO₂ emissions caused by a product, such as a specific component in automotive production. The solution can be used during  the early development phase, at the start of production, or  even in series production. Decision-makers from the manufacturing industry can not only compare a wide range of suppliers or technical alternatives, but also costs and CO₂ emissions. As various cost models and regional data libraries are already stored, the software offers a high degree of automation and often only requires a few entries from the user to produce detailed calculations with a high degree of accuracy. This saves users a great deal of time per component compared to conventional bottom-up calculation approaches. "Our goal  is to make Tset the new industry standard for product cost and CO₂ analysis. We are therefore delighted to announce the acquisition of  yet another prominent company, the BMW Group, as one of customers," says Andreas Tsetinis, CEO and co-founder of Tset.