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Cloud-based solution for the entire value chain

Tset software standardises product cost and CO2 analysis

No more Excel spreadsheets or complicated special solutions: Tset has developed a standardised software for holistic cost management in the manufacturing industry. The cloud-based tool enables detailed product cost and CO2 analysis across the entire value chain and product lifecycle. Lengthy analyses, technically demanding manual processes and intransparency in the supply chain have thus become outdated. 

Vienna, Austria

Be it due to legislation or the demands of customers or partners: more and more companies have to disclose the carbon footprint of their products. With Tset software, they can efficiently analyse and optimise all costs and CO2 emissions incurred in Scope 1-3 (upstream). The solution simulates and records the costs of new products over the entire product lifecycle - from the early concept stage to the start of production (SOP) and end of production (EOP). This enables manufacturing companies to evaluate and compare different suppliers in advance - and get the most out of their products. After all, even pennies on the dollar can make a big difference, especially when volumes are high.

Standardised solutions for product cost simulation are scarce, with most companies still using Excel spreadsheets and complex in-house developments, which can complicate communicating with suppliers and partners. Compared to these solutions, Tset software is intuitive and highly automated. It is designed by a team of internationally experienced mathematicians, software developers and manufacturing experts. Founded in 2018 by Andreas Tsetinis and Sasan Hashemi, Tset currently employs around 70 people at its locations in Vienna and Kuchl.

Our team has developed a cloud-based, ready-to-use software that significantly simplifies the simulation of product costs and CO2 emissions. For detailed calculations, our solution requires only a few details from the user, as various cost models and regional data libraries are already stored.

Andreas Tsetinis
CEO & Founder

Finally, an algorithm consisting of 2D and 3D data extraction methods, optimisation parameters and AI approaches ensures accurate cost simulation in real time.