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Sustainability expert Alois Flatz invests in Tset

Impact investing: green investments that make a difference

Reconciling sustainability and economic interests is becoming increasingly important for many investors. They are investing in companies and funds that combine these two components.


Impact investing describes the practice of investing in companies or funds with the specific intention of achieving a positive environmental or social impact in addition to a financial return. Although the term was first mentioned in 2007, it was not until 2015 that the United Nations defined it. Since then, interest in impact investing has grown, particularly among younger investors, but in the DACH region the concept is still quite unknown.

Two forerunners join forces

A pioneer in this field is sustainability expert and growth investor Alois Flatz. He has been involved in sustainable investment since the early 1990s and is a co-founder of the world's leading index for sustainable investment - the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. He wrote his dissertation on the circular economy and has remained committed to sustainability since graduating.

„I wanted to give my life meaning. I found and still find my meaning in that and that drives me every day.“  - Alois Flatz

The question of how to integrate sustainability into economic processes is, of course, also politically relevant. According to Flatz, the EU needs to introduce an import levy for CO2 emissions in order to implement sustainability issues in industry. However, it has been difficult to calculate Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions because of a lack of calculation tools and databases.

„Until now, it has been almost impossible to reliably estimate the weight or price of an ecological rucksack during product development" - Alois Flatz.

Tset's software solution for cost and CO2 analysis in industry is changing that. The combination of sustainability and economic thinking is at the forefront at Tset, making the company a showcase for impact investing. Tset's eco-economically oriented technology also convinced sustainability expert Flatz. He sees Tset as having the potential to become the leading CO2 and cost analysis software for product developers.


Alois Flatz
Sustainability expert and Growth Investor